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Terk LF-10S Others

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Product Description

  • Includes transmitter and remote receiver units.
  • Transmits video and/or stereo audio from TVs, VCRs, DVD players, CD players, cable.
  • TV boxes, satellite receivers and other A/V components.
  • Two-way infrared transmission capability allows the user to control the source component from the remote location.
  • Effective range of over 500 feet.
  • Twisted-pair home telephone wiring is an ideal carrier for audio and video signals
  • Balanced circuitry eliminates noise.
  • Functions as a child monitor or part of a home security system when connected to a camcorder and TV.
  • Transmits and receives audio and video from computers (converter card required).
  • Up to 4 more receiver units can be added to accommodate multiple TVs.

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