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The Dynaudio Wall Mount Bracket was designed to work particularly well with the Dynaudio compact monitors, providing such with a very rigid and extremely stable support. It allows the speakers to perform at optimum levels in a wide variety of positions when it is required that they be positioned on the wall, thus enabling proper sound dispersion and offering the ability to minimize room reflections.

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Wall mount recomendations

I have a Sony Bravia 52" flat panel that I want to mount on the wall, Anyone have some recomendations on some good mounts? I would hate to come home and see my new TV smashed on the floor because of a cheaply made mount. ThanksRead More »

Dirt-cheap flat panel wall mount ($9.99)

Buy.com has the Atdec TH-32-60-UFB wall mount on sale for $69.99. Get it shipped for free then submit the $60 rebate and you'll have a nice wall mount for just $9.99! 2 reviews sing its praises! [url]http://www.buy.com/prod/telehook-universal-flush-mount-mnt-for-32in-to-60in-lcd-tv-or-plasma/q/ ... Read More »

32 in wall mount lcd???

I don't know what I'm doing. I get conflicting info on the net. I think I want to get a 32 in. wall mount LCD flat panel. I'm not a TV nut but I don't want to waste the little money I have. I appreciate a good picture from a DVD. Haven't experienced HDTV yet. I was looking at Visio, Olevia, Westi ... Read More »

Wall Mount Bracket

Where can I buy bookshelf wall-mount bracket ?Read More »

Chief Manufacturing or Sanus Wall Mount?

I need a tilting wall mount for a plasma tv. Has anyone heard of wall mounts made by Chief Manufacturing? Any recommendations on Chief vs. Sanus wall mounts? Both offer 15 degrees of tilt.Read More »


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