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High-Definition Video Processor

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Over the Edge

Still a great piece of work -- listened to this more than any Yes record, that's for sure. Aggro, rollicking-- aggro, rollicking. Greg Sage could play guitar so well..............it was 1983. Next month will mark the 30th year of my life...............I'm still younger than most of y'all. ~RaeRead More »

Close To The Edge

Still a great piece of work -- listened to this coming into town this morning. Tension, resolve -- tension, resolve. They could write that so well..............it was 1972. Next year will mark the 40th year of this stuff...............I'm old.Read More »

How's this for cutting edge tube technology?

[url]http://esoteric.teac.com/amplifiers_&_preamps/a-100/[/url] Let's hope the sound is unbelievable, the power rating is fairly low and I can't believe it's too overly under estimated with just four KT-88's, another link I found showed a price of only $19k [url]http://www.soundstage.com/reveq ... Read More »

How can I adjust the tone arm so it does not miss the edge of the record?

I recently purchased a Garrard 440M record changer turntable. I want to play stacks of 33 1/3 and 45 rpm records. I have the long spindle and a 45 automatic adaptor, so I can stack either kind of record. Here's my problem. No matter which way I turn the adjustment screw at the base of the tone arm, ... Read More »

New Edge Question

I just put one of those new foam surrounds on my Marantz's. My question is, how long does the glue need to cure before I can try them out? I don't want to ruin the work I did.Read More »


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