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Product Image
Technics SA DX540 Pro Logic Receiver
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Description: - Dolby Pro-Logic Surround. <br>- Enhanced Class H+ Amplifier. <br>- Power handling: 100 watts per channel (40-20KHz, 8 ohms, 0.8% THD). <br>- Dolby 3 Stereo. <br>- 6-ch discrete inputs ready for Dolby Digital or DTS multi-channel reproduction with option decoder. <br>- User-friendly HELP function. <br>- Sound Field Control (Hall, Club, Live, Theater, Simmulated Surround). <br>- Center Channel Mode (normal/wideband/phantom), function on/off, delay time (15-30 msec.), surround level, cnter level, test mode. <br>- AV Remote Control. <br>- 3 video and 4 audio roatry type input selector. <br>


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