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Product Image
Sherwood Newcastle VR-758
0 Reviews
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Description: VR-758 80W x 5 DVD Receiver with All discrete amplifiers and progressive scan <LI> Plays DVD/VCD/CD/CDR/MP3 <LI> Rated at 80 Watts RMS, 20 Hz-20kHz with no more than 0.09% THD into 8 ohms <LI> Dolby Digital <LI> DTS <LI> Dolby Pro Logic II <LI> 192/24 DAC's for all channels <LI> TDAS for all channels <LI> 2 coaxial and 1 optical digital input <LI> Optical Digital output <LI> Component, "S" and Composite Video Output <LI> Progressive Scan Output <LI> 3/2 Pulldown


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