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Rio Digital Audio (90260096) 2 Channels Receiver
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Description: The Rio Digital Audio Receiver is the simple solution to turning your personal computer into your personal digital audio jukebox. The Rio Receiver streams music from your PC to any room in your house by simply plugging into an available phone jack. It works with your existing speakers and uses your home's existing phone lines to transfer MP3 or WMA music files and playlists anywhere in your house. The digital audio is sent over your existing phone lines without interfering with your phone service. Download music from the Internet onto your PC, create Playlists of your favorite CDs, and enjoy them with your Rio Receiver. You can sort music by artist, title, album or genre and customize the Rio Receiver's interface to view only information important to you. All you need - is PC with Windows'98 or higher, Rio Digital Audio Connector Card (HPNA) and (optionally) PNA Networking or Ethernet networking for PC.


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