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PolyCom Vortex® EF2241
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Description: The Vortex® EF2241 is typically installed in smaller rooms that require audio conferencing, or as a companion to the EF2280 Vortex®. Based on the technology of our popular Vortex audio conferencer, the EF2241 offers 4 mic/line inputs, 4 line inputs, 8 line outputs, an integrated phone add, and a 10-watt power amplifier. The EF2241, like the Vortex, offers full-bandwidth performance, the fastest acoustic echo cancellation performance available, and our patent-pending third-generation noise cancellation algorithms. Multiple units can be linked or can work in conjunction with Vortex units for large applications requiring telephone call-ins. The EF2241 can be programmed from the front panel or by using our Conference Composer software (included).


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