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Product Image
Onkyo TX-DS494 5.1 Channels Receiver
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Description: Get your home theater started off right with Onkyo high fidelity at an affordable price. The handsome TX-DS494 pumps out a respectable 55 watts of high-current, FTC-rated, full-bandwidth power to each of the five channels - more than enough for a thrilling home-theater experience in most entertainment rooms. It also offers an extensive list of features extremely rare in this price range: low-impedance drive to handle higher quality speaker systems (testimony of high-grade parts and engineering excellence), three S-Video inputs and one output to maximize the full potential of your DVDs, three assignable digital inputs for setup flexibility, a 100-kHz frequency response to support DVD-Audio, heavy-duty dual-banana-plug compatible binding posts for all channels to deliver high-quality, loss-free speaker connection, a 5.1 channel input to accommodate new multichannel formats, Dolby Pro Logic II to bring some of the excitement and spatial experience of Dolby Digital 5.1 to your stereo CDs and Dolby Surround mat...


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