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Product Image
Niles Audio Corporation ZR-8630AV Receiver
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Description: UNIQUE ONE-BOX MULTIZONE RECEIVER HANDLES BOTH AUDIO AND VIDEO SWITCHING 6-Zone Distribution of 8 A/V Sources including 2 Internal AM/FM Stereo Tuners The first eight-source, six-zone, multi-zone receiver with audio and video switching capability. The new Model ZR-8630AV MultiZone A/V Receiver offers full audio and video switching of up to six external A/V sources, in addition to its two independent internal AM/FM stereo tuners. The receiver, featuring an internal 12-channel audio amplifier, distributes amplified or line-level audio signals, and composite video signals, to up to six zones. It is designed to serve as the central component of a whole-home audio/video entertainment system. The ZR-8630AV is a one-box solution for whole-house audio-video distribution and control that is based on a platform of proven, successful products.


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