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NAD C740 2 Channels Receiver
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Description: The NAD C740 offers a winning combination of excellent AM / FM reception, clean and high-impact power, and all the flexibility needed to bring music convincingly alive. You might expect it to become one of the most valued products in audio. NAD receivers have always stood for uncompromized performance in comparison with separate amplifiers and tuners. The C740 is an excellent illustration of why. It is a combination of the C440 tuner and C340 amplifier on one chassis. The only difference in performance in comparison to the separates is slightly lower output power of the C740, for conservative single-chassis operation. The C740 is otherwise literally the sum of the separate components - an NAD "Building Block" product. The core of NAD receiver performance is the amplifier. And the C740's amplifier starts, as all NAD amplifiers do, with a solid, high-current output stage. Like the separate C340, its approach is entirely new - built around the fresh and effective Impedance Sensing Circuitry (ISC) configuratio...


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