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Product Image
Kenwood VR-410 Receiver
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Description: Kenwood's VR-410 A/V receiver can decode Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Pro-Logic, and Dolby 3 surround soundtracks; the latter delivers a simulated surround sound environ using only two speakers. Also on tap are three DSP (digital signal processing) modes, which artificially mimic the characteristics of other environments, such as a concert hall. When mated with a compatible Kenwood CD changer or megachanger, disc title and track information can be displayed on the VR-410's main LCD and the one located on its remote control. On the connectivity front, this receiver has 5.1-channel preamp output that will let you route an unamplified signal to a separate power amp, if the VR-410's 100 watts-per-channel power output doesn't meet your power needs. There are four digital audio inputs (two optical, two coaxial), which are used for Dolby Digital/DTS, as well as for the PCM audio signals output by many CD players. There are also six analog audio inputs, three composite video inputs and three S-video inputs. The fro...


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