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Product Image
Harman Multimedia HK 3370 2 Channels Receiver
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Description: Harman Kardon is proud to offer its finest A/V and stereo receivers ever, designed to provide years of superb audio performance and unsurpassed ease of use. These receivers are more user-friendly than ever, with features such as patented EzSet remote control, MP3 playback, Logic 7 and VMAx. Of course, the heart and soul of all Harman Kardon receivers is a high-current capability, ultrawide-bandwidth amplifier for undistorted, unwavering power. And every receiver uses convection, fanless cooling for quiet and reliable operation. The HK 3370 carries on the Harman Kardon tradition of excellence in the delivery of two-channel audio reproduction. Thoughtful touches, such as preamp-out/main-in connections, a subwoofer output, phono inputs, a tape monitor loop, A/B speaker switching, a headphone jack, and a subwoofer output make the HK 3370 a versatile performer in any room. Its high-current capability (± 42 Amps) enables it to handle even the most demanding loads with ease.


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