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Harman Multimedia DPR 2005 7.1 Channels Receiver
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Description: The DPR 2005 uses digital path topology to link your program sources directly to a powerful amplifier without analog interference. Advanced digital processing handles all of the latest surround formats from Dolby and DTS, including Dolby Pro Logic IIx, Dolby Virtual Speaker and DTS 96/24. Of course, Harman/Kardon proprietary Logic 7 technolgy is also present to give older stereo and matrix soundtracks a full 7.1 presentation. A wide range of multiroom options, icluding A-BUS Ready connectivity, assignable rear channels and a separate Zone II remote, lets you enjoy audio tracks throughout the house. If you want the latest technology in a compact yet elegant form, the DPR 2005 is the perfect choice.


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