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Product Image
Harman Multimedia AVR 520 5.1 Channels Receiver
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Description: With the AVR 520, Harman Kardon begins a new era in the history of the popularly priced audio/video receiver. Its 7.1-channel surround sound processing opens the door to a variety of new surround modes, such as DTS-ES® 6.1-channel decoding, 7.1 channels of Harman Kardons exclusive Logic 7, and 8-channel direct inputs. Other advanced features include wideband, HDTV-ready component video switching; HDCD; MP3; Dolby Pro Logic® II; VMAx; 6 digital inputs and 3 outputs; front-panel A/V inputs and a coax digital input switchable to output mode; and a backlit, programmable EzSet remote control.


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