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Product Image
Parasound Halo C1 Controller
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  5995.00
Description: Halo C1 Controller <LI> Full-featured 7.1-channel-plus preamplifier/controller/decoder <LI> Proprietary DSP technology <LI> 5" TFT front panel video display <LI> Built-in decoding/support for Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS, DTS Neo6, DTS-ES (discrete & matrix), THX Surround EX, THX Ultra II Specification <LI> 24-bit, 96 Khz DAC on all channels <LI> Sophisticate bass management <LI> Video Inputs: 3 Component Video BNC) (H & V Sync on Inputs 1 & 2), 6 Composite Video, 6 S-Video Inputs <LI> Video Outputs: 2 Composite Video (Monitor & Zone 2), 1 Component (BNC) + (H & V Sync), 2 S/Video (Monitor & Zone 2) <LI> Audio Inputs: 6 analog (with video assignment), 5 analog (audio only), 1 balanced audio, 7.1 -channel analog, pure analog bypass, 4 coaxial and 4 optical digital <LI> Audio Outputs: Unbalanced and balanced (LCR + L/R Surround + L/R Back + Sub), 1x Coaxial & 1 x Optical Output (Record/Zone 2) <LI>Fully-programmable master sidekick remote controls <LI> Independent second zone <LI> Power and programmable 12-volt triggers <LI> Internal and external expansion slots <LI> OSD or complete PC system set up <LI> Discrete remote commands <LI> RS232 Interface (1x 9Pin D-Sub)


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