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B&K Components  AVP3090
6 Reviews
rating  4.5 of 5
MSRP  2500.00


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User Reviews

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:4
Submitted by nomar a Audio Enthusiast

Date Reviewed: April 22, 2003

Bottom Line:   
Actually my unit is AVP-3000,THX certified,I purchased this (second hand) together with ST-1400 Amp, both model 1996. I was only interested in the Amp to power up the front channels of my Denon AVR-2802, which i think a bit underpowered for my Paradigm Referrence Studio 60v2. But the deal was,the amp would go only with this preamp plus another unit (same model with shorted processor chip) for a total of $250.00. I compared this bet Avr-2802. I was blown away with its sound on Direct Mode. It has smoother sound but the denon is more detailed on stereo mode. I could not comment on video quality and movies since my dvd is directly connected to tv via s-video and i use my denon for DD/DTS processing. It does not have DD/DTs decoder or multi-channel inputs (only prologic) compared to Denon,but on dig. coaxial music is awesome. XLR connection to Amp. is also great it's like I gained twice the volume level.

Over all this preamp though old model is still reliable with lots of option for expansion to multi-zones. Maybe the upgraded 3090 with DD/DTS and Prologic II formats is much better and some jumper connections on PCB has been rectified.

Associated Equipments:
Denon Avr2802 (A/V-Pre/pro) - 90W X 6
B&K AVP3000 (Music-Preamp)
B&K ST1400 (Power Amp) - 125W X 2
R&D VP300X (Power Amp) - 100w X 2 (bridgable)
Technics ---- (Tuner)
Panasonic RV32S (DVD/CD/MP3 player)
Pioneer CTW503R (TapeDeck) refurbished
JVC Interiart TV
Paradigm Reference Studio 60 v.2 (Front)
Bose 301 - II (Surround) - cone edge replaced
JVC "mini sp" (Surround Back-Atom 1st choice)
Optimus (Center-soon 2b replaced w/ cc-170)
Monster Cable & Homegrown interconnects
Cat-5e Homegrown Bi-wire speaker cables
Accoustic Research & Proel SP Connectors
Tripplite Power Adapter/Line Conditioner
Stavol Power Stabilizer

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Used product for:   3 Months to 1 year

Duration Product Used:   Audio Enthusiast

Product model year:   1996

Price Paid:    $100.00

Purchased At:   individual

Overall Rating:4
Submitted by Damon Anderson a an Audio Enthusiast

Date Reviewed: August 11, 1999

Bottom Line:   
I virtually stole one of these units (used) from a hi-fi shop for $299. The unit was initially the AVP-3000 Prologic/THX version. I immediately sent the unit to B&K for an upgrade to the AVP-3090. B&K charged me the difference in price between the two units (which was $800) for the upgrade making my total investment $1100. The upgrade consisted of changing the chasis, main board, and face plate to make it a 3090 (basically the entire unit was replaced except for whatever they could keep). Unfortunately, I lost the THX certification but I felt that wasn't a big deal.
When I initially got the 3090 home, I couldn't get any sound from the pre-outs (which may be the reason I got the unit for $299). I thought the unit would need to be repaired. However, when I called B&K to make arrangements for the upgrade and possible repair, they told me the unit simply needed to be reset to its default operating mode (reset the processor). I had no manual, so the technician told me how to do it and the component worked fine.

The AVP-3090 has excellent sound on movies and music. The imaging is outstanding. I was using a Kenwood KRV-990D (as a preamp) for movies and an Adcom GFP-750 for music. I am able to do A-B (but not A-B-C) comparisons between units. The KRV-990D simply didn't measure up to either of the other units when it came to music (this was obvious from the start). The B&K (and GFP-750) had tons more resolution, better imaging, and a more dynamic sound overall. The 3090 had a brighter and slightly edgy sound compared to the GFP-750 (a very good Nelson Pass designed stereo preamp). The 750 also had more control, detail and depth in the bass region and was more realistic in the treble. I will continue to use the Adcom for music (just because I have the luxury). On movies the 3090 had considerably more punch. I thought the Kenwood was weak in prologic and Dolby Digital. Of course the B&K is a considerable upgrade to the Kenwood anyway. It probably isn't fair to compare the Kenwood to either the Adcom or the B&K, but it's what I was using. A friend will receive the Kenwood as a gift.

I had been eyeing the B&K 3090 for a while and now happy I did. Finding a appreciably better component can't be done without spending nearly twice the price (much more at the price I got). The 3090 is an easy 4 stars (8 stars if you count the total cost to me on the component).

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Duration Product Used:   an Audio Enthusiast

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Mike Reid a an Audiophile

Date Reviewed: August 9, 1999

Bottom Line:   
I purchased this unit after waiting (and waiting....) for an Acurus Act3. I am absolutely blown away!!!!! The stereo direct mode is cleaner and more dynamic than any audio-only preamplifier I have owned, and the AC-3 mode is truly awesome. The only thing I have discovered is that this unit needs good ventilation to avoid getting hot. Once the unit gets hot, a cyclic noise (hiss) becomes VERY prevalent. I remedied this by moving the pre-amp to the very top of my rack, and putting extra-tall feet underneath the factory feet. NO PROBLEMS SINCE! I highly recommend this unit!

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Duration Product Used:   an Audiophile

Overall Rating:4
Submitted by jim a an Audio Enthusiast

Date Reviewed: May 22, 1999

Bottom Line:   
Just got this unit and already love it. The stereo and direct modes are absolutely the best I have heard. The DTS is a little stingy so far on the separation but I will explore that. The only drawback is the S-Video, which is dark, saturated with color and I am unable to fix it.

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Duration Product Used:   an Audio Enthusiast

Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Chris a an Audio Enthusiast

Date Reviewed: October 20, 1998

Bottom Line:   
I recently purchased this unit from a dealer that was getting out of B&K. I had my eyes on the REF20, same unit with on screen display and better remote. But the price was right and he gave me the new remote, sl-9000. I had a Sony reciever before which I thought was pretty good, but now I know how good music can sound. The addition of the preamp and an Adcom 5800 power amp to my system make it sounds fantastic. I never thought two channel stereo could sound so good, home theatre with dd and dts also sounds so much better. The B&K is not as easy to use as the Sony, but the sound quality more than makes up for it.

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Duration Product Used:   an Audio Enthusiast

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