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TCC TC-750 Phono Amp User Review

MSRP: $ 50.00
Description: * 12 volt DC operation; will work anywhere in the world
* limited lifetime defective exchange warranty
* RIAA freq response 20hz-20,000hz +/- 0.5dB, S/N ratio >85dB
* THD <0.05%, input sensitivity 3.0mV
* Nominal / max output 300mV / 1.8V
* Output impedence 200 ohms, input 47kohm /220 pF
* CE certified, nice packaging suitable for gifting
* gold-plated jacks and black anodized metal casing
* ground wire terminal; power indicator
* includes RCA cable and miniplug adaptor
* 142mm long / 73mm wide / 37mm high
* includes AC adaptor to match destination
(USA/Canada or overseas)

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Reviewed by:Kiwi (Audio Enthusiast)
Review Date
August 30, 2009
Overall Rating
4 of 5
Value Rating
5 of 5
Used product for
3 Months to 1 year

When I looked at this MM Preamp, at this store which sells mostly parts for electronics, I said to myself, that I should try this, it should be fun! for $50.00 you can not go much wrong.

So I bought it and plug it in, Rega TT with SME III arm, and Ortofon cartridge, OM20,, SME’s own RCA cable from TT to TC750 and from TC750 to Elad was carried by VDH D102III cable.

It sounded really bad, sound had no weight, extremely poor focus and very fatigue, just two songs and I stop listening.

But left it plugged in.

Next night, 24hrs later, the sound came out of this little box was totally different from previous night, it had very good weight and sounded very well balanced across the entire frequency spectrum without any hum or any other strange nose added.

The fact is I had never herd analog so good before and I am not being sarcastic here, I am writing this with all the seriousness.

I had, in the past NAD PP1 and PP2, Creek OBH 8 MM stage, Project Phono Box.

Among all of the above, this little inexpensive box sounded the best.

If you are not happy with its sound, then this unit is not the problem, the problem is some where else in your system.

Start with a good preamp, then change your power amp, do not look for power house amp, 50 to 70WPC Continuous into 8 ohms is enough for most people, and if it doubles it power into 4ohms, the better.
Then get a good pair of speakers, stand mounter usually offer better sound, they disappear leaving the soundstage only, do not go after the speaker which creates “Tremendous Bass”, the Bass, specially poor quality bass, will muddy the overall sound, and you would hear highs and lows mostly and very little mid-range where most of the music is. If you find it hard to believe, just go to any audio retailer and listen to both the stand mounters and floor standers, in few minutes of music listening, it may appeal to you but once you bring them home, overtime, you will be tired of their sound and find them fatigue sounding, or you will start to think about other things and not pay attention to music cuz it is not involving.

Once you got that, then start with the source, cuz now you have a system which would tell you if the source is half-decent or not.

Now this TC 750 MM Pre, is certainly more then half decent sounding, I prefer it to NAD, Creek and Project, that’s how good it is.

Go buy one and try it, leave it plugged in for at least 24hrs, and give it a listen, in worst case you will be out of $50.00.

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