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Popular DVD, DVDR and VCR Player Combos this Month

This past month AudioReview.com user have been looking at these DVD, DVR and DVD-VCR combos. These are the top 5, in that order. Maybe there is something here that works for you? Maybe you could recommend some for others in the comments below. I’ll add them to the list as they show up.


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1) Philips DVDR3545V/37 DVDR / VCR Combo
0 reviews
0 of 5
Amazon User C. Twichell writes: This was my second purchase of a combo recorder – it should have been my first! In late 2005 I bought an LG LRY-517 DVDR/VCR. The biggest mistake of my life! The LG had constant problems with both DVD and VHS playback. I thought this might be a universal problem with combos but, out of desparation and frustration with the LG, I bought this Philips combo. What a solid, reliable machine.
Description: Introducing the all-in-one player that plays and records on both DVDs and VHS tapes. With i.Link, you can now copy your favorite camcorder tapes in perfect digital picture and sound quality onto DVDs.

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2) Denon 1740 DVD Player
0 reviews 0 of 5 MSRP: $
TechRadar.com Writes:What’s more, its solid build quality and high-grade components put supermarket cheapies to shame and perfectly illustrates the ‘get what you pay for’ adage when it comes to purchasing a DVD player.
Description: Take advantage of multiple media options with this multiformat DVD player. Watch movies, listen to music and even check out digital photos thanks to this DVD player’s extensive capabilities. Designed to handle high-resolution images up to 1080p, this DVD player can deliver the awesome quality you expect from your HDTV. Whether you choose HDMI, component video or another connection, this DVD player will accurately transmit audio and video signals for impressive high-definition images that will usher you into the HD revolution.

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Sony DVP-NS999ES
3) Sony DVP-NS999ES
21 reviews 4.14 of 5 MSRP: $ 994.95
AudioReview.com User jsvranic Writes: I’m suprised to read the negative comments about this unit. I’ve had mine for over two years – it was a sony warranty replacement for my 1st SCD-C333es. I have to say it rivials my HDMI player for video quality and cd/sacd sounds better than my current scd-c333es. At least in my Rotel/B&W system I’m totally satisified with the 999es.
Description: The new DVP-NS999ES player offers a variety of advanced technical features available from the leader in innovative home entertainment. Technical advancements include Precision Cinema Progressive output and multi-channel SACD playback, as well as Pixel-by-Pixel Active I/P Conversion for sharp and detailed video projection, and Audio-Video Alignment to produce precise on-screen picture and sound synchronization.

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4) Toshiba DR410 DVD Recorder
0 reviews
0 of 5
CNet Writes: Relatively inexpensive; performs basic DVD recordings without a problem; upscales DVD to 1080p; supports most recordable DVD formats, including dual-layer discs.
Description: Save your favorite home movies to DVD, and get the most out of your DVD collection with 1080p upconversion to near HD picture quality via HDMITM with the D-R410. Compact design and numerous recording and playback options make it a great solution for your home theater needs.

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5) Toshiba DVR610 DVD Recorder / VCR Combo
0 reviews
0 of 5
Amazon User N. N Wahlert “nnwahler” Writes: FINE deck, overall: there’s still small room for more improvement, but this one gets an “A” for the job I want it to do: it’s my main RECORDER now, and I’ll be saving the playing for “play-only” decks (which I’ll feel confident of buying in the future). It’ll at least give me the security of knowing that the only film/TV fare that matters to me will be preserved to the time I kick off.
Description: Enjoy the convenience of VCR and DVD playback options without the need for two units. The D-VR610 not only saves space, but also offers 1080p upconversion of DVD content via HDMI to near HD picture quality, and makes copying your videotapes to DVD a snap with bi-directional dubbing! Record your favorite home movies directly to DVD with the D-VR610.
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