Zu Audio Omen Def Speakers

[IMG]http://gallery.audioreview.com/data/audio//500/medium/IMAG0453.jpg[/IMG] If you check the weather radar for SoCal right now you'll find it is windy - and yeah - I'm the reason!Read More »

Zu Audio sale!!!

Zu Audio, [url]www.zuaudio.com[/url] is going to have a 12 Days of Christmas sale. It has not started yet but check the site often or sign up for newsletter. I couldn't get details but the sale should start possibly as soon as Friday. They told me there may also be some B-stock for sale. The sal ... Read More »

Zu Audio Prices???

I just checked out Zu Audio's new website and saw a new range of products, seems they've scrapped most of the older models... [url]http://www.zuaudio.com/[/url] The Omen line now has a Bookshelf, and 2 towers... and they are set to launch a flagship speaker called the Dominance... All well and go ... Read More »

Tekton Lore - ZU Audio's Omen has competition

So I was on the Tekton site and saw the Lore: [url]http://www.tektondesign.com/lore.html[/url] It sells for just $1K (I believe the introductory price is still $850). It has a full range 10 inch driver, high efficiency 98db @ 8ohms and similar dimensions and look to the ZU Audio Omen (see my Omen ... Read More »

Zu Audio Omen - High Sensitivity, Massive, Full-Range Driver, Cheap, LOL

So I started a thread sometime ago about the ZU Soul Superfly (cool name), but since then ZU Audio has released the Omen (a most ominous name)... [IMG]http://www.zuaudio.com/components/com_virtuemart/shop_image/product/Omen_4c8c21c746eda.jpg[/IMG] Retail is $1.5K, but it's being introduced in the ... Read More »


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