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Zingali help needed!!!

Hello I really want to buy some zingali overture 2s but I can't find a dealer in Spain, or even in Italy! Plus the manufacturer doesn't reply to tons of emails I sent to them requesting a list. Can anyone help me!!!! I don't want buy from the UK as mailing costs and prices are higher. Pleas ... Read More »

zingali overture opinions

Hello I am considering buying some Zingali Overture 2s to run from my Audionote pre and Musical fidelity power. Does anyone have these, or heard them. A recent model update took place last year, with the bass port being moved to the back panel. Is this model an improvement or just cosmetic adjust ... Read More »

Please add Zingali Loudspeakers (model 4B, others as well)

Zingali is a Loudspeaker manufacturer from Italy who's products have, I believe, only been available in the US for maybe 2 years. This is a horn-loaded speaker (circular not Klipsch style at all, laythed from poplar wood...what a great design. The horn design is called "Omniray"). Wonderful loud ... Read More »


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