Just bought a Yaqin MC-13s

I know I said I was finished buying audio equipment, but curiosity got the best of me. I contacted the seller on Audiogon: [URL="http://app.audiogon.com/listings/tube-yaqin-mc-13s-tube-integrated-amp-el34b-outputs-2013-07-10-integrateds-60048"]Yaqin MC-13S Tube integrated amp (EL34B outputs) | T ... Read More »

Yaqin SD- CD3 tube buffer- schematic

Hello everyone! I need a schematic for YAQIN SD-CD3 Tube Buffer. If you set it here. thank you!Read More »

Speakers for Yaqin tube amps?

Hello all, what kind of speakers would be good for a Yaqin MC-100B amp from an Arcam CD73 source? I'd also be using a Squeezebox with a DAC that I haven't chosen yet as a source playing FLAC's. Are there better Yaqin amps out there at the moment? I've got a mate offering a Yaqin 100B with the tu ... Read More »

Yaqin DAC (K9) and DAC question

Anyone got any opinions/reviews of the new Yaqin DAC-K9? I can't find a single review on the web about it yet. Looks pretty good and if it's like the other Yaqin gear with a few mods it should sound great. On another note, would the sound quality be improved by my PC using an external DAC (belo ... Read More »

Yaqin tube amps: any further thoughts?

Once again I'm giving some thought to trying a tube amp; this has got to work with my Magneplanar MG 1.6's. It's also go to be cheap. My objective here is experimentation, specifically to try a tube power or integrated with 50+ wpc. I could use it full range or for the treble in a passive bi-amp ... Read More »


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