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Product Image
Yacco Cauda Equina
0 Reviews
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MSRP  160.00
Description: The Cauda Equina speaker cables are made using 18 gauge pure silver and 18 gauge pure copper wire. Four strands of silver wire and four strands of copper wire are used per channel yielding a 9 gauge cable. That's more conductor than most high-end power cords! In fact, the silver alone in each channel adds up to 12 gauge, as much silver as found in some high-end silver power cords. These are substantial cables. As usual, each conductor is solid core (not stranded) and wrapped in a Teflon dielectric. The eight strands are then litz braided and terminated with gold plated pure copper (not brass) spades; bananas are also available. The silver provides airy sparkling highs and the combined gauge allow your amp to drive deep palpable bass from your speakers. These cables use a MASSIVE amount of material, and result in a cable that really lets your speakers sing.


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