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Hey Woodman...

...it's question time re: VCRs I've a SONY hi-fi deck, about 10yrs. old and it's starting to mangle tapes...I've already opened it up, watched the take-up and so forth...nothing...took a look at the usual suspects, cleaned the idler, etc. checked for obviously broken or loose parts..It was a pret ... Read More »

calling Woodman

As posted a few days ago, I have found a buyer for my Toshiba 50" non-hd RPTV. Its just too big for the room I watch TV in. I am looking at the Toshiba 30HF84. I have been reading your posts on CRT's and am now wondering what the hell I should do!!!! You said Toshibas are fairly reliable and hav ... Read More »


Hey Woodman, I wanted to solicit your help on something, then realized he hasn't posted in over a month! Are you out there? Anyone heard from him lately? EricRead More »

Woodman, why are reviews "meaningless"

I was reading one of those receiver question threads where you remarked not to pay attention to equipment reviews, as they are meaningless. Do you mean consumer reviews, so-called professional reviews or all of them? And why? I think all of us on this board respect your opinion and knowledge, and a ... Read More »

Left channel problem in HT system, Woodman, Others?

Hey all, It's been a while since I've posted much. This problem came to me today from my brother-in-law who currently lives in Brussels, Belgium. Read below for a very good description of the problem. The store where he bought his NAD receiver is no longer in business. Any thoughts? It seems to ... Read More »


FGH 26:

60.0 WA BLACK: