VPI Traveler, anyone have one?

I was on another site and a member just received his Traveler. The thing that struck me is a lack of antiskating and the connections for the tonearm. The rest of the table looked quite nice. The tonearm has more solder joints than my Incognito rewired Rega arm. Just an estimate from the pictures ... Read More »

A new VPI ttable

Check this out! [url=http://www.vpiindustries.com/table_traveler.htm]VPI Industries Inc.[/url]Read More »

New Toy: VPI HW-19 Mk4

Took me about an hour to unpack and 30 minutes to setup. The dusk cover arrived cracked. It's too bad because the seller packed it extremely well. Anyhow, the turntable sounds very liquid. I've moved all of gear to the back of the room awhile back, so feedback is not an issue. Not sure how muc ... Read More »

Jump into the Fire...VPI 16.5

Hey everyone. I guess I will start by updating my fellow audio brothers on a couple of things. First of all, I am sure some of you are wondering how it is that I am hemmoraging cash at a warp speed rate. Well...I did not win a lottery. I actually switched jobs, more specifically, i was stole ... Read More »

VPI - Scoutmaster 2 & JMW-9T Standard VS. VPI - Scout 2 & JMW-9 Signature

Does anyone have any opinions on which of these players would be better? As some of you are aware, my goal by this Christmas is to go with a dedicated 2-channel system that includes analogue setup. I have narrowed the choice down between these two, but it looks like the differences between these t ... Read More »


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JMW 12 5
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Speaker Cables

Tonearm Cable 0
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$ 199.00


16.5 4.93
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$ 0.00
Aries Scout Master Turntable 0
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$ 2399.00
HR-X 0
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$ 10000.00
HW-19 IV 4.71
7   Reviews
$ 0.00
HW-19 Jr. 4.42
19   Reviews
$ 0.00
HW-19 MKIII 4.5
6   Reviews
$ 0.00
Scoutmaster 4
0   Reviews
$ 2400.00
SDS Synchronous Drive System and Power Line Upgrade 5
1   Reviews
$ 995.00
Super Scoutmaster 4.67
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$ 5195.00
3   Reviews
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