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Voodoo Platinum Dragon Power Cable

The VPD cable is so fat, how fat is it, it is so fat, when it falls on a dollar bill it gets four quarters! [IMG]http://gallery.audioreview.com/data/audio//500/medium/voodoo-powercable.jpg[/IMG] Especially made for digital sources and pre-amplifiers. MSRP for 6ft: $800 (I think) More info can be ... Read More »

Outlaw Vudu Voodoo

It seems Outlaw Audio is now the exclusive online reseller of Vudu and they are offering bundles of the video streamer with their gear: "as part of our Tenth Anniversary celebration, Outlaw Audio has become the exclusive authorized Internet retailer for the Vudu XL, the latest and greatest produc ... Read More »

Voodoo TV

OK guys and gals, I live in a very dry climate which tends to produce tons of static electricity. Problem I'm having is, I have two dog kennels in my front room, sometimes when I get up off my couch and go to let the dogs out, the static electricity is causing my volume on my TV to go extremely ... Read More »

Wall Of Voodoo performing July 18'th ?

[url]http://www.ocfair.com/ocf/AboutUs/PressRelease/ViewPressRelease.asp?PRelId=89[/url] A bit odd seeing how Joe Nanini and Marc Moreland have both passed away. Despite my best efforts I can't seem to come across any lineup. Speculation is running wild (amongst fans). I've seen a June 2006 phot ... Read More »

Who wrote Voodoo Chile

I read off a Hendrix cpmilation CD that I have that Voodoo chile was written by a Blues artist but did not spcfiy who? Maybe this is incorrect or I read it wrong... Did Hendrix actuallly right Voodoo Chile. If not who did?Read More »


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