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Motorized volume pot noise

After 11 faithful years of service, my Cambridge A500 amp has finally developed it's first problem. As of last night, when I adjust the volume with the remote, the motor behind the volume knob makes a sort of grumbling noise when it's adjusted. There's no static involved, and no noise when manually ... Read More »

Which volume control to use?

I have my Denon CD changer hooked directly to the Yaqin integrated amp. I also have the pre outs from the Technics hooked up to the Yaqin, to use the tuner. I was wondering what the "proper" method of volume control is when a pre amp is connected to an integrated. Turn the Yaqin up and control it ... Read More »

DVDs That Force You to turn the volume all the way up

Why do some DVDs require that you turn your TV volume all the way up? I have a Panasonic DVD player that works fine on most DVDs, but a few require that I turn the volume all the way up. Any thoughts on what could be wrong? Or maybe the DVDs are just bad?Read More »

Easy LPF and volume?

Is there an easy way for me to create a simple low pass filter and lower the volume for a particular speaker? Basically for my home setup I've got two small polk bookshelves, and a massive electrovoice speaker from like the 50's. It's got a 12" woofer, and a giant tweeter centered in the woofer. ... Read More »

Volume Controls

Hello everyone. On my current computer based music system I have a total of 4 volume controls.(iTunes,Mac,uDac2,amp) Everything is maxed except the amp. From my understanding this is needed to maintain bit perfect output via digital/usb. However I have never gotten a clear answer when using a newe ... Read More »


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