Epos Acoustics ELS 3 User Reveiw

MSRP: $ 399.00 Description: The first in a line of lower cost speakers, the ELS-3 mini monitor maintains the high standards expected of any product bearing the Epos name. power handling: 100 watts frequency response: 65Hz-20KHz 4 ohms nominal sensitivity: 87db 10 Reviews 0 Quick Rati ...    Read More »

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Vienna Acoustics Webern and Bergs any Owners or Reviews out there

I've had them for a couple of years now but haven't bumped into anyone else whose got them. I'm slightly tone deaf however, my wife's hobby is Classical Piano playing(been taking lessons for 20 or so years now). I thought I was a blessed man the day she came home with a Bose Lifestyle 28 system, 5 w ... Read More »

New Vienna Acoustics Website

This may be old news, but I just noticed that VA finally re-designed their website and disposed of the crappy Flash works-sometimes interface. Gone is the music, too though: [url]http://www.viennaacoustics.com/products/webern/webern.php[/url] P.S. Sonus Faber also updated their site and it loo ... Read More »

B&W vs Vienna Acoustics

Today I got to briefly hear the B&W 800D speakers and the Vienna Acoustics Mahler's I prefered the sound of the VA's over the 800D's. The VA's had a warmer more liquid sound. When I heard the B&W's, I thought that they sounded good but they did not wow me. The store also had a pair of Apogee Due ... Read More »

Vienna Acoustics Bach Grand

Recently had the pleasure of auditioning these speakers and was really impressed! :biggrin5: I was and am skeptical about less than 3-way speakers producing quality full-range sound at louder volumes. But, after hearing the Quad 22L (on my short list) and now the Bach Grands this opinion is changi ... Read More »

Vienna Acoustics Speaker Replacement???

Would anyone have an idea on where to order a replacent tweater for a Beethoven concert grand tweeter?Read More »

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Vienna Acoustics Product Categories

Bookshelf Speakers

Acoustics Haydn 4.83
41   Reviews
$ 895.00
Berg 3
0   Reviews
$ 500.00
Webern 5
0   Reviews
$ 795.00

Center Channels

Maestro 5
0   Reviews
$ 995.00
Oratorio 5
1   Reviews
$ 2995.00
Theatro 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00
Trio 0
0   Reviews
$ 1595.00
Waltz 3
0   Reviews
$ 650.00

Floorstanding Speakers

Bach 4.7
33   Reviews
$ 1500.00
Beethoven 4.73
35   Reviews
$ 4500.00
Mahler 4.56
15   Reviews
$ 10000.00
Mozart 4.46
46   Reviews
$ 2500.00
Schonberg 4.56
0   Reviews
$ 2500.00
Strauss 5
3   Reviews
$ 5995.00


Subson 4
0   Reviews
$ 0.00

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