Vandersteen 1C with Rega Mira?

Hi everybody! Greetings to all you out there. Got a question: has anyone ever used the Rega Mira with either the Vandersteen 1C or 2CE Signatures? How did these sound to you? I like Vandersteen and heard it with Arcam and NAD. It was very different sounding just like the amps are.Read More »

vandersteen info

Hey All It's been sometime. Anyway, I've have come upon some Vandersteen 1a's that are in excellant shape being sold cuz of the WAF. Despite doing a search, including Vandersteen site. No real info other than likely they have some years seeing that 1c's are current. As with most of us do I r ... Read More »

Which integrated Amp for Vandersteen 2ceSig2 ?

Am currently using a Marantz PM15S1 to drive these speakers - very bright, airy, detailed BUT thin and once its gets into symphony / orchestra music, its messy. Otherwise, for simple femalevocals and jazz, its beautiful. Hv auditioned the below - Ayre 7xe - BAT vx300 - Marantz PM11S1 - NAD ... Read More »

Vandersteen 2b to not to be?

Anyone have any thoughts on the Vandersteen 2b? It looks like the sensitivity of the 2 series is around 86 dB, so I guess maybe I'd need to turn up the volume a little...but any thoughts on whether these are a good match for a 125-watt Marantz receiver from the 70's? I like to use this system to l ... Read More »

Prima Luna Pro Logue Two and Vandersteen Cs2 Signature ?!

Hello everybody ! I wander if anyone has some experience with regard to the matching of an integrated valve amp Prima Luna Pro Logue Two and the Vandersteen Cs 2 Signature loudspeakers, as i may buy them ?! Any ideas, suggestions, thoughts ?! I am new into the stereo hi-fi, but still want the bes ... Read More »


Vandersteen Product Categories

Center Channels

VCC- 5 5
0   Reviews
$ 1995.00
VCC-1 4.25
4   Reviews
$ 495.00

Floorstanding Speakers

1B 4.42
31   Reviews
$ 650.00
1C 4.69
73   Reviews
$ 0.00
2Ce 4.39
70   Reviews
$ 1295.00
2Ce Signature 4.78
49   Reviews
$ 1495.00
3A 4.43
23   Reviews
$ 2795.00
3A Signature 4.75
23   Reviews
$ 0.00
5 4.64
11   Reviews
$ 9800.00
5A 5
2   Reviews
$ 14700.00
VLR-1 0
0   Reviews
$ 995.00


2Wq 4.73
10   Reviews
$ 1250.00
V2W 0
0   Reviews
$ 1295.00

Surround Speakers

VSM-1 4
3   Reviews


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