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Product Image
Van Alstine Ultra SL Preamplifier
0 Reviews
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MSRP  1599.00
Description: This extends the range, dynamic range, transient response, and clarity even further, with an absolutly grain free presentation and a huge three dimensional wall to wall and beyond sound stage. If absolute faithfullness to the music with nothing added or glossed over is your goal, you can likely do no better at any price. <P> We started with our basic patented design ideas that have worked so well, and provided even better power supply isolation between tube sections and mos-fet section with a much higher capability MOSFET buffer/driver circuit, all running Class A, and came out with simply astonishing results; the new Ultra SL preamplifier. <P> The Ultra SL preamp tells us that simpler is best if you can make it work to perfection, and we have. Our famous patented Fet Valve transimpedance gain cell just loves the high current drive of the 6N1P line tube and the much higher current gain of our power MOSFET design in the loop isolator circuit. The circuit simply comes alive with pure musicality, dynamic range, transient attacks, and range extension we had not thought possible.


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