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Product Image
Usher X Series X-616 Center Speaker
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  799.00
Description: Designed to compliment both the X Series and the more expensive 6 Series floor standing range of Usher loudspeakers, the X-616 is the perfect partner to turn your 2 Channel joy, into surround sound fun. With the same striking finish these will make a real style statement in any home. The outer wood finish is beautifully finished, but is not just cosmetic. Adding extra stiffness to the 1.5" MDF side and top panels cabinet resonance is kept to an absolute minimum. Featuring Kevlar woofer, the frequency response has been tuned to give optimal performance around speech frequencies, to give you crystal clear clarity whilst enjoying the immersing experience of watching your favorite movie whilst using Usher Audio Surround loudspeakers.


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