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Do you need to use foul language and trash talk to prove your points?

Just curious as to how many here feel that they need to hurl obscenities, belittle people, and just plain trash talk in order to make your points or attempt to win an argument? It does appear that most here can hold a civil tongue no matter what the discussion is while others find the need to use t ... Read More »

Fashion Advice That Everyone Can Use

A lot of people feel that it's difficult to obtain fashionable garments without having to spend an left arm plus a leg. This is not real, since there are various locations to get reasonably priced garments, along with methods get apparel that is normally high-priced at cheap prices. Uncover more abo ... Read More »

Can I use a Japan 100v Technics DJ Mixer in Canada?

Hello there, I was given (as a gift) a Japan model Technics DJ Mixer. On the back it says 100v. I know here in Canada we use 110/120v. Is it safe to just plug it in or do I really need a step down converter? I mean 110v to 100v does not seem like much but is it enough to damage the unit? R ... Read More »

Does anyone here use a pressure cooker?

If so, what do you use it for and how often do you use it? I love to cook but I never really knew what a pressure cooker was. Someone was recently telling me that it cooks food faster than normal...like a crock pot only fast cooking instead of slow cooking. Now I'm wondering whether I should get ... Read More »

Are there any MP3 players that use regular batteries?

My high capacity (80 gig) Zune always seems to run out at precisely the wrong time. I carry my my tiny (2 gig) little Sansa M240, which runs forever off of a AAA battery for a spare. When it does die, a simple battery replacement takes about 30 seconds. Granted, this may be an apples to orang ... Read More »