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Metalworks Studios: 30 years of Excellence

This year (2008) Metalworks Studios celebrates 30 years of excellence as the undisputed leader in the recording studio business in Canada. Established in 1978, Metalworks Studios was originally the creative workspace for legendary rock group and Canadian Hall of Fame inductees Triumph. Metalworks St ...    Read More »

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Turner Cody?

The trailer for [URL="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1235166/"][i]A Prophet[/i][/URL] has been playing before a lot of the films at my local art-house theater and this guy's song is featured prominently. I kind of dig it; it's got a sort of Dylan "Subterranean Homesick Blues" vibe. Anyone know anythi ... Read More »

Why I LOVE Turner Classic Movies...

Not only do you get the well known "classics" you know GWTW, Citizen Kane etc but whats more important you get little known gems that were and never will be shown on commerical T.V. Case in point last Tues they showed a flick I'd never heard of called "Saturdays Hero". I read the blurb on it and s ... Read More »

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