I had a track from Tune-Yards that I liked in my [URL="http://forums.audioreview.com/375009-post56.html"]2011 YEC[/URL]. Purchased the album from the [URL="http://shopusa.4ad.com/"]4AD site[/URL]. Anyway, they have this video of Tune-yards just doing their thing in a studio. It's very cool to see ... Read More »

The Game is simple: 1 best ever tune

Anyone wanna play? For me its always been: All Along The Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix Cheers! RaelRead More »

New Dream Theater tune released on You Tube

[URL=http://www.youtube.com/roadrunnerrecords]On The Backs of Angels[/URL] Sorry for the link, embedding is disabled. Sounds like more of the same to me. Nothing new here. Meh.Read More »

Philips GA312/ Stanton 681EEE- Help me tune it up

Cover me folks, I’m going in. I’m ready to tune up my vintage turntable/ cartridge. I bought the Philips GA312/ Stanton 681EEE system new in 1978. I used it extensively from 1978 to about 1992. It was in storage from 1997 until last winter, when I re-commissioned it (see my threads below [1]-[3]). I ... Read More »

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