Into Darkness (Star Trek)

Went to go see this with my oldest (28yrs old) so all he knows is Star Trek with Picard. For me it was another very well attemp in closing/tying up losse ends in pervious movies. But Abrams did get a bit lazy using older scenes, redoing them to add drama to it. I will not spoil any bit of it for a ... Read More »

Star Trek TNG - Blu-Ray VS DVD - see the difference..

Pretty clear that it's time to dump your DVD collection... 25 year old TV series TNG [url=]Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-ray DVD comparison - YouTube[/url]Read More »

Worst Star Trek film

I was watching Star Trek Nemesis last weekend, and must say that was probably one of more boring ST movie. The special effects were alright, but the plot was way too thin. As the last Star Trek movie for the next generation crew, it sure was a week ending. So the question is which ST movie would ... Read More »

Poll Time Hottest Star Trek Babe!!!

My holiday gift to all of my friends here (cept mebbe for F.A. I promise I'll do you a hunk poll someday) a poll to warm the cockles of our perverted little minds. AND as an added treat, the pics to go along with em!!! Vote early, vote often!!!! Classic Uhuru: [IMG] ... Read More »

Star Trek II on Blu-ray: Nice!

I've seen the Star Trek movies (w/ the original cast) numerous times, both in theaters and on home video. They are definitely not reference quality. But, the even-numbered movies are among the favorites in my collection, so when Best Buy put the Trek Genesis trilogy (II, III, and IV) on sale this ... Read More »

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