SPDIF- vs- AES/EBU -- A link with a bit of history of the two with technical data

[url=http://www.epanorama.net/documents/audio/spdif.html]epanorama.net/S/PDIF Interface[/url]Read More »

Back together: Neutral Milk Hotel and The Dismemberment Plan. How cool is that?

Looks like I'll be going to see both of them too. How cool is that?Read More »

What, exactly, was the problem with that last tread?

Explanation, please? ..or is only trashing the poor guy allowed? I can't imagine anyone being small-minded enough to take offense at it. If one wishes, they can PM me with an explanation, it they have the cojones.Read More »

Gas prices around the world

Lets see what how the other half lives. [B]Venezuela, 10 cents a gallon[/B]: Thanks to government subsidies put in place by the late President Hugo Chavez, gas prices have been frozen for nearly 15 years. S[B]audi Arabia, 45 cents a gallon[/B]: As OPEC's biggest producer, it should come as no sur ... Read More »

Headline says "Falling TV's send a child to the hospital every thirty minutes"

That kid should really sit farther away from the TV. "The number of kids injured by a TV falling on them grew 125 percent between 1990 and 2011, according to a new study of emergency room records that calls for greater prevention efforts. Overall, more than 17,000 children under age 18 were treated ... Read More »

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