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Product Image
The Sharper Image CG-C140 Portable Charging Valet, Black
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  40.00
Description: The Sharper Image portable folding charging valet allows you to charge all your favorite devices without a tangle of wires. You can charge up 3 devices simultaneously from one plug. The charging valet is compatible with your favorite handheld devices including cell phones, PDAs, portable games, iPods/iPhone and Bluetooth headsets. Includes 5 of the most popular power tips: Apple, Micro USB and Mini USB, Samsung and LG. With a Non-slip backing your portable charging valet will stay in place while you are charging your devices. The Sharper Image Portable Charging Valet conveniently folds up and stores in a lightweight protective travel case so you can take anywhere you go.


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