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Maxell or TDK?

Which blank cassette tape does everyone think is best Maxell XLII-S or TDK SA-X?Read More »

Do Maxell tapes last longer than TDK?

I have used both brands for years with virtually no problem's but i was on Google Groups today and i saw alot of post's saying things like,I have a 50/50 mix of Maxell XLII-S and TDK SA-X and most of my TDK's are unplayable while all my Maxell's are fine or TDK's are fine when there new but they wea ... Read More »

Major difference between TDK SA-X and Maxell XLII-S?

In terms of sonic signature,build quality and longevity and which is prefferd?Thanks for any opinnions,Keith.Read More »

Stay away from TDK tapes???

I love TDK tapes especially SA-X but i am hearing alot of horror stories about them at places like Naks.com and audioasylum.com about them stretching and breaking and shedding there oxide and generally losing there information early on in there life,they say maxell is better and last longer.Personal ... Read More »

TDK SA or Maxell XLII?

Which of these blank cassette do folks like the best?Thanks,Keith H....Read More »


TDK Product Categories


BP100 Headphones 0
0   Reviews
$ 8.34
CP100AX Headphones 0
0   Reviews
$ 8.91
EB-900 Headphones 0
0   Reviews
$ 31.00
HP-100 Consumer Headphones 0
0   Reviews
$ 34.00


EB-750 0
0   Reviews
$ 29.99

Noise Canceling Headphones

NC-150 0
0   Reviews
$ 28.63


IE100 Headphones 0
0   Reviews
$ 72.00


MP100 0
0   Reviews
$ 26.38

Sports Headphones

NP-100AX Headphones 0
0   Reviews
$ 9.99

Wireless Heaphones

WR700 0
0   Reviews
$ 118.00


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