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T.H.E. Show, Newport Beach

Wifey and I will be attending on Sunday...anyone else plan on being there?Read More »

T.H.E. Show poll!

I posted this question on a different forum and I got the impression that it might be one of the Roads Less Traveled...thought I would try again on a more popular forum. I am very much looking forward to attending the T.H.E. Show in Newport Beach, CA, this June. It will be my first industry show an ... Read More »

Looking for T.H.E. Show info...

There's an ad in the Nov. Stereophile for a T.H.E. Shoe in Newport Beach CA. in June of 2011. I tried to access the u.r.l. address and all I got was a Beach Boys song. Does anyone know of a site for this show? Since (according to the ad) it's open to the public, I'm very much looking forward to atte ... Read More »


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