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Trends Audio T-10.2 Integrated Amplifier Review

www.trendsaudio.com Summary Overall we’d absolutely recommend the T-10.2 amplifier. Assuming you only needed a single input and could pair it with musical and smooth sounding gear.  One gets a stunning amount of performance from the $189 T-10.2. Detailed sound with touch of warmth, hints at a re ...    Read More »

Polk Audio RTi A7 Floorstanding Speaker Editorial Review

I wouldn't be surprised if the Polk RTiA7 floorstanding speakers were in more living rooms than any other speaker. Or at least in the race for that title. The RTi series from Polk Audio, which includes three variations of the floorstanding speakers and two bookshelf speakers offer: real wood ...    Read More »

Palo Alto Audio Design Cubik Editorial Review

The Cubik Desktop Speaker - What You Need To Know This maybe one of those times where even though a product has a tone of great user reviews - you might want to stay clear unless you are absolutely sure you like the sound. Pros: Clear and Linear sound. Unique and good looking shape. USB au ...    Read More »

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2 Channel Audio system for under 1000?

I am trying to put together a two channel audio system for a buddy of mine that has recently gotten into viny. I have a used adcom gfa II that we are thinking of building the system around, that he is going to give me 300 for. He has a decent turntable, so looking for a pair of bookshelves or towers ... Read More »

Design choices for a small audio system

Which design choice would you pick (picture below), considering: [B]Budget[/B] $500 USD [B]Purpose[/B] Listening to FLAC audio in my room [B]Room size[/B] 7 x 15 feet (230 x 460 cm) [B]Audio power[/B] 50W [B]Source[/B] My desktop computer If, for a bit more budget (or a bit ... Read More »

Audiophile Priorities and Factory-Installed Car Audio System Comparisons

As announced in [URL="http://forums.audioreview.com/off-topic-non-audio/car-talk-im-looking-compact-hatch-37348.html"]the car talk thread[/URL], I got a new ride (first new car after 383k miles with an Acura Integra). I didn't give much thought to the car audio system, since I was more focused on h ... Read More »

What was your first audio system....how far have you come?

My Wife asks me sometimes why am I so obcessed with audio and video. She wonders if I have some kind of mental illness or trauma. Of course she doesn't understand our passion, and probably never will; but that got me to thinking.....what was my first audio system (clouds and harps strumming)? Back i ... Read More »

What was your most disappointig purchase for your audio system?

I saw this question on the Audio Circles forum and found it interesting to post here. So what was your most dissapointing purchase for your system? Mine have been the modifications of my Music Hall 25.2 cdp from reference audio mods, my Monitor Audio S1's (should have gone with the PSB B-25's ... Read More »

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