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Good News Bad News. My system was Stolen

OK, stolen is not the proper word, but I rarely get to listen to my system. In order to get the wifey interested in my hobby, I made the mistake of gearing my audio system for home theater double duty so she could be happy when she watches movies. Unfortunately, she's almost always on the couch w ... Read More »

CRAP! Stolen items! I need a new system!

So for those of you who read my previous post, i was looking for a dvd player, which I still am, however... Today people broke into my house and stole my equipment!!!!!!!! :mad: :mad: They stole the DVD player (my roommate's), my SACD 5-disc changer, and my Sony receiver plus a bunch of dvd' ... Read More »

The Americans Have Stolen My True Love...Eliza Carthy

Any other Eliza Carthy fans around? I know Mike is since he's the one who gave me this wonderful compilation of her Rice and Red albums a couple years ago. Mostly traditional English folk music on the first "Rice" half with a couple originals, moving into more contemporary and electrified territory ... Read More »


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