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Monitor Audio Launches Silver RX Line

Monitor Audio has now updated the Silver Line with the new Silver RX series: - RX1 standmount £400/pr (£480 in black or white gloss) - RX2 standmount £500/pr (£600 in black or white gloss) - RX6 floorstander £750/pr (I£900 in black or white gloss) - RX8 floorstander £1000 (£1200 in black or w ... Read More »

Picked up a Bent Audio TAP Silver Preamp

This is without question the most transparent preamp I've heard. For this particular unit the transformers are pure silver as is all wiring. I finally have a preamp with remote control, thank you God. The Bent Audio TAP is a passive TVC, but past unity gain has 6DB of gain if needed. In almost al ... Read More »

Music Hall A25.2 - Monitor Audio Silver RS6 ?

I've just purchased a pair of Monitor Audio Silver RS6 speakers. Now I'm trying to pick a cheap integrated amplifier (my budget is around 500US). At first, I thought I would go for the NAD C352 but since I may not need much power, my local store recommended the NAD 325BEE (or even the old 320BEE). A ... Read More »

Monitor audio Silver RS6

I recently bought these speakers to replace my Dynaudio bookehelf with the hope of getting more soundstage and clarity. These speakers are very bright to me. In fact the tweeters are kind of annoying. I drive them thru' Tara speaker cables, Adcom amp and Music Hall CD player with Nordost interconnec ... Read More »

Quad 22L, Monitor Audio Silver RS8, Thiel Cs1.6 ??

Hello everyone, been listening to lots of great speakers and have come up with a few favorites in my price range ($2000US): the 22L, RS8, and CS1.6. These have been the best to my ear for soundstage and clarity. Unfortunately, they didn't seem to handle rock/metal recordings - especially at louder v ... Read More »

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