Sigma Makes Wireless Home Theater a Reality

Talk about just what we need. I personally am sick of wires all around the apartment. Can't knock holes in apartment walls and re-wire everything, but I would like a clean looking place. Wireless might be my answer. SIGMA MAKES WIRELESS HOME THEATER A REALITY WITH NEW DEVELOPMENT KIT Demonstra ...    Read More »

NAD Releases New Home Theater Amplifiers

NAD has introduced two new amplifier products to start the year: the M15HD surround sound preamplifier and the C 245BEE Amp four-channel power amplifier. The M15HD is NAD's new high definition version of its M15 surround sound preamplifier. The device uses NAD's new Modular Design Construction, an ...    Read More »

Highlighted User Review:: Monarchy Audio M24 DAC

Product Info and User Reviews: Monarchy Audio M24 DAC 2 reviews 5 of 5 MSRP: $ 1490.00 2 Reviews 0 Quick Ratings 5.00 of 5 Description: The Monarchy Audio Model 24 (M24) Digital Audio Converter is a 24/96 DAC with a tube analog output The Monarchy Audio Mode ...    Read More »

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Burr-Brown Sigma-Delta 20 bit convertor

Hi, I just bought a new NAD cd player and it has a Burr-Brown Sigma-Delta 20 bit Digital to Analogue Converter. Should I go analog out or digital out to my receiver? Do I lose the advantage of the Burr Brown converter when going digital out. Thanks, WalkerRead More »

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