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Sherwood Newcastle P-965

Just picked up one of these for a very reasonable price. I love the digital/analog switching, because there are times when I want to be able to use an EQ for older recordings. But this is the first pre-amp I've ever bought and wondered if anyone out there could answer some questions. I've always fou ... Read More »

old sherwood newcastle R-500 dobly pro logic

need help with anything on this old 5.1....price, power output, and age.Read More »

Sherwood Newcastle or Yamaha ?

hey guys....i need to replace my aging Marantz 5600 which was like a 2005 model. I have a separate amp so i really need this for a pre only. I've been looking at the Yammie 663, but this Newcastle R-872 receiver has really caught me eye. Big price difference ($360 vs $780), but the extras seem wo ... Read More »

Sherwood Newcastle Anyone?

I was just curious if anyone has had any Sherwood NewCastle receivers or amps? A few years back I almost bought one of their high end receivers which had very good reviews. I'm just wondering why you never hear anything about their equipment.Read More »

Does anyone own/heard of the Sherwood Newcastle recievers?

I am looking to buy a reciever for my home theatre and happened into this store that sells the Sherwood Newcastle brands (among others). In the store, they demoed the R871 reciever, and I was very impressed. However, in seeing what reviews are on the internet, that brand seems to get very lit ... Read More »


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