Sears will not price match Walmart or Target stores

My friend went to Sears couple of days ago to buy a TV since Walmart was out of stock of same LCD at lower price, and they told him they will not match Walmart or Target stores on electronic items. That is kind of strange since they use to price match other local stores if they have same item on ... Read More »

Is Sears selling gear now?

This must be a mistake... [url][/url] Boy would I love to own that puppy!Read More »

Sears’ Black Friday Deals

[center][img][/img][/center] Black Friday is on Nov. 27, 2009 and door opens at 4:00am. For complete list, link below. Doorbusters prices marked with *: [b]DVD Players[/b] Curtis DVD Player AR - $17.99 * GPX 8” Portabe DV ... Read More »

Tivoli Isongbook on sale for $100 at Sears.

We travel a lot of traveling and having something to play our Ipods and CD players through for a roomfull of music is a necessity to me. I used to use a computer speaker system from my step-son's house in Texas, but it's too bulky to fit into a suitcase. I've liked the concept of the Isongbook si ... Read More »

Sylvania Bluray Player $279 @ Sears.

Looks like bottom feeder blu players fixing to hit the market starting with Sylvania. It is on sale this week for $279 and I bet by christmas it be below $250. A very basic player: DVD Capacity: 1-disc Player Type: Single-Tray Player Item Weight: 9.10 lbs. Surround Sound: Dolby® Dig ... Read More »

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