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Product Image
Sakar iConcepts Docking Cradle w/ Wireless Remote Docking Station, Remote Control (19688C-IP) for iPod
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MSRP  32.00
Description: The iConcepts iPod Cradle is a lighweight portalbe cradle perfect for charging and syncing your iPod with your PC or notebook. The cradle includes ports for both USB as well as FireWire however we include only the USB cable to connect to you computer. This cradle can be used on either a Mac or PC and requires no software installation. Simply plug it in and you can sync an charge your iPod simutaneously. The cradle also includes a wireless remote control so you can change tracks and control volume for a distance of up to 20 feet. The stereo mini jack allows you to plug inot your portable speakers and enjoy your favorite tunes.


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