Polk Audio RTi A7 Floorstanding Speaker Editorial Review

I wouldn't be surprised if the Polk RTiA7 floorstanding speakers were in more living rooms than any other speaker. Or at least in the race for that title. The RTi series from Polk Audio, which includes three variations of the floorstanding speakers and two bookshelf speakers offer: real wood ...    Read More »

Denon Announces DNP-720AE Network Audio Player

DENON® DNP-720AE NETWORK AUDIO PLAYER OFFERS DRAMATICally EXPANDED DIGITAL MEDIA PLAYBACK, WITH AirPlay MUSIC STREAMING CAPABILITY AND MORE Mahwah, NJ, September 23, 2011 — Denon Electronics, a premier manufacturer of high-quality home entertainment components celebrating 100 years of ...    Read More »

Polk Audio RC80i In-Ceiling Speakers Editorial Review

Polk Audio RC80i Speakers - What You Need To Know The RC80i are the 8-inch version of the Polk Audio RC60i speaker. Offering better low end response and mid range clarity. Both are fantastic speakers with extremely positive ratings from users on Amazon. The RC80i isn't just an in-ceiling speak ...    Read More »

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kef Q series vs polk RTi series

[url]http://www.kef.com/kefamerica/qseries/products.htm[/url] vs [url]http://www.polkaudio.com/homeaudio/products/individual/floorstanding/series/rti/[/url] its all about the fronts for me (so basically kef's iq9 vs polk's RTi12), and i would obviously get matching surrouds/centers to with ... Read More »

newbie...help!!! (Polk RTi series???)

Well I've had a Kenwood 5.1 sound system for about 5-6 years now and am looking to upgrade since I recently purchased a nice plasma and after I was at a friend's house with a much nicer HT system. From what I remember he had Polk and his surround sounded much crisper. After reading around in this ... Read More »

Using grill endcaps for RTi on Monitor grills?

I know this sounds weird, but i love the look of the RTi line, especailly because of the little silver colors plastic ends on each end of the grill. I was wondering if i ordered some of these as parts, would they fit onto the grills for the monitor series? The widths of the speakers of the monitor s ... Read More »

Paradigm Monitor 11 vs. Polk Rti-12

Hi Guys! Can you help me choose which one is better. Just want to have your opinion about the Paradigm Monitor 11 vs Polk Rti-12. I am planning to buy a set of speakers but i don't have the opportunity to test the Monitor 11 because the store doesn't have the 11's for testing. I've heard the Polk r ... Read More »

Polk RTi 6 for $140/pr new?

Anyone have any feedback about sound quality/pricing for these? I'm in the market for an inexpensive bookshelf. These are display model with slight blemish on one grill. They seemed a little hissy in the highs and had a bit of flat thud on kick drum, but I was only able to demo under non-ideal condi ... Read More »

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