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Product Image
Revo Domino D2 Wi-Fi Internet Radio - Black Docking Station
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  220.00
Description: Domino is a thoroughly modern table radio. Soft edges and sinuous curves meet bold design elements and sharp styling to create a timeless and striking form. The tactile, rubberized finish looks and feels wonderful and will grace any environment, from a minimalist's apartment to the cheery clutter of a family home. Throw-in some of the thoughtful touches that legions of users have come to expect from Revo, such as a stylish remote control, multi-functional alarm clock and quality controls and you have an irresistible little package. Full functional support for all current and popular iPod and iPhone models is provided via the integrated dock. Domino has a small footprint, but packs a surprisingly meaty and high-quality digital sound, courtesy of NXT's patented Balanced Radiator loudspeaker technology, coupled with Revo's custom-engineered acoustic enclosure. At Domino's heart is an innovative, joystick-based control system, enabling quick and easy navigation around the radio's many advanced features.


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