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cable termination / qed

Please help me out... Does "airloc speaker termination" from QED help improve sound quality... I use "silver annivesary xt" for my surround and back speaker... there has been advise to put on the "airloc speaker termination" to improve the soundRead More »

HDMI cable: QED vs Kimber Kable

I want to connect my Oppo 981 and Panasonic Plasma 50" with a decent HDMI cable. What should be the choice between QED and Kimber Kable ??? Thanks. Sukasem C.Read More »

Van den Hul or QED ?

Hi All I need to pick between the Van den Hul CS122 (apparently laid back/soft sounding) or QED Silver Anniversary (more open sounding in high frequency ?) My current system: NAD 521i BEE cd player NAD C422 tuner Rotel 10-series Pre & Power amps QUAD 12L speakers REL Q50 sub Van den H ... Read More »


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