Cayin a-50t vs. primaluna prologe one

Hello, So, yesterday I had a chance to listen to a Cayin a-50t. I loved the sound and would likely not hesitate buying it. However, I have read, somwhere, that the Cayin a-50t and the Primaluna Prologue One are basically the same amp, as they have very similar specs and are made by the same pare ... Read More »

Cool 'lil toy - the PrimaLuna...

...ProLogue 2. She just arrived a couple of days ago, nicely packed and triple boxed. U.P.S. couldn't even f this one up... well, probably not. Even comes with a pair of white gloves so one doesn't get his/her grubby paws all over the finish. Cute. I was using Rotel separates, the amp was (is) 20 ... Read More »

What about Primaluna Prologue tubes?

What do you think of Primaluna Prologue Two?(it's a tube integrated amplifier.) Has anyone heard anything of it?Read More »

PrimaLuna ProLogue 1 or 2

Hi guys! Has anybody listened both PrimaLuna ProLogue 1 and 2? PL 1 is equipped with EL 34s and PL 2 with KT 88s. Both has got rave reviews but unfortunately it is not possible for me to listen them before ordering, unless I travel some thousand miles. In general, which sound you prefer most, ... Read More »


PrimaLuna Product Categories


ProLogue Five 4.71
7   Reviews
$ 1799.00
ProLogue Four 5
3   Reviews
$ 1399.00
ProLogue Seven 5
11   Reviews
$ 3699.00

CD Players

ProLogue Eight Vacuum Tube CD Player 5
1   Reviews
$ 2999.00

Integrated Amplifiers

DiaLogue One 4.67
2   Reviews
$ 2599.00
ProLogue One 4.82
21   Reviews
$ 1599.00

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