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Pickering Cartridge (question for emaidel)

Emaidel, I recently purchased a used Pickering cartridge with its original D8E stylus. The cartridge has only the word "Pickering" on it. Based on my various google research may I assumed that it is the Pickering Micro 4 series? (See attachment) Secondly, I also purchased the LP gear XVS1800 as ... Read More »

Difference between Pickering XSV 3000,4000, and 5000

What is the difference between the Pickering XSV 3000,4000,and 5000?Is it just the stylus?Is it the cartridge itself? RobRead More »

Pickering D2400Q question

This is my first post on AudioReview and just wanted to say hello and hopefully receive some "sound" advice. I scored a NOS Pickering D2400Q (Pfanstiehl 608-DEQ) stylus the other day and am wondering, besides the UV15/2400Q, which Stanton/Pickering cartridge would this stylus be compatible with? Is ... Read More »


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